Oktober 16, 2010

Taking Paid Surveys Online-Think Big

It seems to me that people who are thinking about taking paid surveys online should start thinking bigger. Just as with Internet marketing being a numbers game, taking paid surveys online is a numbers game as well. To make more money you need to change how you approach it.

1. Survey companies will pay you to give them your opinion. This form of consumer research is not new and in many ways is even more valuable than ever before.

This is true because survey companies can reach a larger number of people via the Internet than they ever could on the telephone or in a shopping mall.

There are plenty of companies you can take paid surveys for. The key is to join more than one survey company and then get a system in place to start taking these surveys.

2. It is going to take you a few minutes to complete a survey. It could take as long as one hour depending on what is involved.

How long the survey takes is based on your speed and the particular needs of the company requesting you to complete the survey. The more questions the survey contains the longer it is going to take you.

You may as well be prepared to spend some time completing the survey if you expect to make money taking them.

3. How much money can you make? I have seen surveys that only pay a few cents, some that pay a few dollars, and some that pay $50 or more once you complete it.

You need to be done able to differentiate between paid surveys and surveys that pay you in points or prizes. There's nothing wrong with completing surveys and earning rewards for them, but if you need to make cash then that is the type of surveys you should concentrate on.

Most survey companies have different categories so you know exactly what type of survey you are taking.

4. Get a system in place and stick to it. You can always log in to your member area and find surveys you can take to make money.

You should set a schedule every week know in advance what hours you are planning on working. Stick to this schedule and do not become sidetracked by outside interests.

If you are doing paid surveys for a part-time job you will have to work if you expect to get paid. The more hours you can schedule yourself to work the more potential money you will make.

If you had a part time job that scheduled you to work 20 hours a week you would not make any money unless you showed up and work those hours. The same thing is true when it comes to taking paid surveys.

5. One final point to make is refer members and earn money on their completed surveys. If you are willing to spend a little time training people you can actually earn as much money referring people as you can taking paid surveys online yourself.

Think big in terms of how many companies you join, how many surveys you take, and how many people you refer.

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