Oktober 16, 2010

Character Education: A Shared Responsibility

Character, it’s who you are, what you say, and what you do even when no one is listening or watching. But what does that mean to you? What does that mean to your child?

Each day, kids are influenced by hundreds of messages that portray beauty, wealth, pleasure, power and popularity as the “right” path to happiness and success. This is a lonely pursuit that often strips away confidence and self-esteem leaving one feeling unvalued, unappreciated and unmotivated.

So, what’s the answer? Character.

Character education teaches the habits of thought, word and deed that help people learn, work and live together as families, friends, neighbors, communities and nations. More than a lesson, character is a lifestyle that enables students and adults alike to make proactive – not reactive - choices. Developing a foundation of responsibility, respect, and integrity bring feelings of genuine happiness and success from within. Character empowers kids to make contributions to their family, their school and their community. Character allows kids to feel valued and appreciated. And, when this happens, everyone benefits. Families feel connected. Kids feel inspired, and incredibly strong schools and communities are built.

Throughout history, character education has been a shared responsibility of a community coming together to support and influence positive character development. Families, teachers, administrators and members of a community are gathering to help children understand the importance of issues such as respect, honesty, and integrity. They are empowering them to be the person they are meant to be.

As one young adult shared, “I may not remember who taught my seventh grade algebra class; however, I can name every teacher, coach and parent who taught me to be a better person!”

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