November 21, 2010

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Oktober 18, 2010

Hackers bring Flash for iPhone 4

The hacker named, Comex who is also behind the Spirit and JailbreakMe tools for Apple device running on iOS has made the ‘Frash’ tool, which brought Adobe’s Flash player to Apple iPad, available for the iPhone 4 and other iOS 4 devices.
Comex is a known hacker from the dev team that regularly releases jailbreaks for the new Apple devices. The frash tool reportedly works only on the alpha version and is compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPod Touch 3G, iPhone 4 along with iPad.
The hacker claims that the installation is easy but the users should be ready to jailbreak their device. The user has to download the packaged .deb file and transfer it to ‘Cydia AutoInstall folder’ using SSH and reboot the device.
After five minutes the Flash is installed and the user will be able to flash enabled animated advertisements on the browser. The hacker also cautions that users that this tool is relatively new and only those who are able to follow the process closely should attempt. The jailbreak could also cause the device to malfunction and jailbreak voids Apple warranty policy.

Oktober 17, 2010

Chile heroes return to mine for emotional reunion

COPIAPO, Chile (AFP) – Chile's mining heroes returned to the scene of their record-breaking survival for an emotional celebratory mass, amid some strains over the media frenzy surrounding them.
Thirteen survivors, accompanied by partners and children, took part in a private ceremony after visiting the tent city where relatives refused to give up hope, waiting anxiously for 10 long weeks for their safe return.
Claudio Yanez, who proposed to his longtime companion Cristina Nunez during the ordeal, toured "Camp Hope" with his tiny daughter in his arms, peering into tents now empty and battered by the strong Atacama desert winds.
"This was a city," he said, as workers slowly set about taking down the makeshift shelters that became home to thousands of relatives and well wishers as the massive rescue effort reached its euphoric climax on Wednesday.
Dario Segovia, a rescued drill operator whose sister Maria was nicknamed "The Mayoress" for the leadership role she assumed at the camp, paid tribute to the stoicism of the miners' families.
"Everyone suffered out here as we suffered down there," he said.
Many miners did not attend the mass as they were still recuperating after their 69-day ordeal, while others were sleeping off family celebrations that ran late into Saturday night following their release from hospital.
Only one miner, Victor Zamora, remains in the care of doctors and he is expected to remain under medical observation until at least Tuesday after undergoing serious dental surgery.
The return to the mine was part of what is expected to be a long process of readjustment for the 33 men, who have become national heroes and garnered global attention for their miraculous survival and dramatic rescue.
Their newfound fame could bring them riches, but they also plan to use it to improve the fate of miners worldwide, they said.
But some miners and their families began showing strains from the media frenzy over their spectacular tale of survival, with some apparently adhering to a "pact of silence" over the ordeal.
At least three miners contacted by AFP confirmed that there is an agreement of silence, but only about the first 17 days of their ordeal, when they survived on sparsely rationed bites of tuna and drank dirty mine water until they were able to get word to rescuers that they were alive.
"We will not talk about the first 17 days until the investigation (into the mine collapse) is complete," said Carlos Bugueno, one of the rescued workers.
But fellow miner Omar Reygadas said there was no such pact.
"There is no pact of silence," he said. "There is nothing to hide, we went through the experience as partners, there is nothing to be ashamed about."
Still, Reygadas grew impatient as he navigated through a crowd of news crews around the tent where his family slept while he was trapped.
"Give me my space please," he said.
Fellow miner Claudio Acuna was with a crying baby, riding in a car surrounded by journalists. A woman inside said to the him: "Smile, so they can take your picture, and then they will leave us alone."
Although the miners in the camp had no problems posing for the cameras, almost all of them refused to give statements to the press.
Police had to intervene to allow the miners to tour the remnants of Camp Hope, at the foot of the San Jose Mine, where the accident occurred.
At a press conference Saturday, miner Juan Illanes, who acted as spokesman for the group, urged the media to have patience in reporting and said that the miners expected to write a book about their experience.
"We have to do something together, the experience must be put to use," Illanes told El Mercurio newspaper. "We have to decide how to direct our project so this type of thing never happens again."
Yonni Barrios, who famously asked both his wife and his girlfriend to come to the mine and greet him on Wednesday, told AFP the men wanted to find a way to advise companies on making mines safer.
"We're thinking about creating a foundation to solve problems in the mining industry," he said. "With this, with the experience that we have had, God help us, we should be able to solve these problems."
Fatal mine accidents since their rescue, in China and Ecuador, provided yet more reminders of the great risks associated with the industry.

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Oktober 16, 2010

The Most Important Thanksgiving Cooking Tip of All

Of the many Thanksgiving cooking tips I can give you, this is perhaps the most important. It can be the difference between a triumphant meal and an undercooked case of food borne illness.

I get many questions on email about correct roasting temperatures. “What temperature should my oven be for turkey”? “What is the correct temperature for chicken”? “How hot should my oven be for…?”

All these questions can be answered simultaneously with the one important tip I told you about. Forget your oven temperature. Your oven is wrong anyway. It’s probably been lying to you. Your oven temperature is different from your neighbors, and it’s much different from my commercial kitchen, so why cook by EXTERNAL bird temperature?

Cooking by INTERNAL temperature is the only way to assure and quantify that your item is fully cooked. An instant read digital thermometer will tell you EXACTLY when your thanksgiving cooking efforts are complete.

You don’t need to guess. You don’t need to poke anything with a fork or gash it with a knife. A thermometer is insurance from overcooked turkeys and especially from the dangers of under-cooked poultry.

Most people’s household ovens have a range of 200F to 500F. What’s in the middle? 350 degrees is exactly in the middle. Is this why most recipes just say “cook at 350 degrees”? Would your turkey be ruined if you cooked at 375 degrees or 325 degrees? No, probably not.

Your turkey is completely cooked and safe when the thickest part of the bird reads 165F. This means if its cavity is filled with stuffing, take the temperature there. If it’s not stuffed, at the deepest part of the thigh.

You can choose any roasting temperature, as long as you understand the basic cooking method of roasting. Roasting is a dry-heat convective cooking method. It uses hot air to transfer heat to food.

Roasting is the best way to dry out an item because of the indirect use of hot air to cook foods. The higher the temperature, the faster that moisture will evaporate, proteins will stiffen, and sugars will caramelize and turn brown.

Whatever temperature your oven tells you it is, whatever temperature you choose to roast your bird, just assure you have a thermometer to tell what the internal temperature is. Internal temperature is much more important than external when it comes to thanksgiving cooking.

8 Direct Mail Marketing Tips for Network Marketing Success

Direct mail marketing is a costly strategy to implement, and that's why it's very important to get it right the first time around. And because people tend to have very good memories with regard to unsolicited mail, executing your campaign without flaw becomes all the more necessary.

Limit your proposal to a maximum of three pages.

Anything longer could discourage your recipients from even taking a glance at it. Keeping it brief is always good but never to the point that you've failed to deliver salient points of your proposal. Of course, costs are also another consideration. The fewer pages you use, the lower your expenses are on printing and postage.

Work on making your letter visually attractive.

Let's start with the first thing they'll see: the envelope. It doesn't have to be made of linen, but make sure at least that the envelope texture's nice to touch. White envelopes always look professional, but they're more vulnerable to dirt as well. If you can find an alternative color that would still appear professional and match your company's color scheme, so much the better.

Offer a free gift.

The smaller and lighter the free gift is, the better because you get to save on postage. Offering freebies is crucial: it's yet another incentive for people to learn what you have to say. If possible, make sure that the words FREE GIFTS are printed on the envelope. Naturally, it won't hurt your cause if your free gift just happens to be related or even complementary to the products you're marketing.

Make an offer they can't refuse.

Direct mail marketing won't be successful simply because you're giving away free gifts and you've written an excellent network marketing proposal. More often than not, recipients could simply enjoy your gift and throw away your letter. To avoid that, you need to give them yet another incentive ñ one that will require them to meet you in person.

Your second offer doesn't need to cost you a thing. You may tell your recipients, for instance, that they have the option of joining your business seminar for free. You can tell them that it's a chance for them to learn how to be a millionaire.

Place a deadline on your offer.

A deadline creates a sense of urgency. It helps convince people to make a move rather than allow them to continue floundering in their indecision. And if you're worried that deadlines could instead force you to turn your back on your customers, don't be. Remember: you can extend those deadlines anytime and simply tell them that it's due to popular demand.

Make sure it's free from technical errors.

Technical errors have nothing to do with what you're selling and everything to do with the rest. Consider grammar, punctuation, font effects, and spacing. If you don't want to entrust your mail to the post office, you should look for a freight company that offers affordable but efficient service.

Have it reviewed.

Don't send it out just yet. You still have two more steps to take care of. Firstly, find an objective and knowledgeable third party to review your offer. Make sure you let him see even the type of envelope you're using. Make the necessary changes.

Verify addresses of recipients.

To avoid waste of time and effort, try verifying the addresses of your recipients. If everything's in order then good luck! You're all ready now to launch your direct mail marketing campaign!

Web Marketing on Facebook: There is More To It Than Having Million of Fans

With its 500 million members, Facebook marketing has become a must. Yet, when you look at it closely, very few businesses are actually able to utilise Facebook effectively. One of the trends you'll continually observe is the obsession to increase the number of company fans. This may be a popular strategy but it isn't necessarily a very good one. Similar to the way that SEO is more than just about rankings, web marketing on Facebook also requires companies to plan a strategy that will encourage fans to stick around over the long term.

It is easy to get fans. For instance, offering contests and freebies can help you get your target number within a week or even just several days. But there should be a reward to encourage fans to continuously visit your site. Offering regular freebies is one way but it all comes down to consumer engagement. After the campaign to get fans, below are some examples you might want to follow.

The Starbucks Experience

Anyone who studied marketing management has probably heard about the "Starbucks Experience". It is the feature that propelled Starbucks to global dominance. While its main product is coffee, people go to the coffee shop for its ambience and relaxation. The atmosphere is conducive to a lot of activities including reading, surfing the web, and bonding with friends.

The company has taken the "Starbucks Experience" to a whole new level on the internet. Rather than hard selling, it instead started conversations with customers. They are talking to people, not at them. As a result, customers are responding the "right" way.

If there's one thing they did right, it's the fact that they got people to talk about their favorite drinks. So their members weren't only given the chance to air their views to Starbucks, they also got the chance to interact with others and compare preferences. Above all, it made people want to go to the coffee shop to have a drink.

Restaurant and Retail Store Strategies

As was mentioned earlier, it is important to sustain interest among your online community. Aside from holding contest, it might be a good idea to give out "Facebook fan only" discounts and gift cards. Members should be encouraged to join in on the discussion though. For example, they can receive these freebies when they share holiday stories that are somehow related to your company.

Keep things exciting by making the rewards program and the giveaways unpredictable. Hold contests for major holidays such as Christmas and New Year. And most of all, always keep your page updated because it will let members know that you are very serious about web marketing.