Oktober 16, 2010

8 Direct Mail Marketing Tips for Network Marketing Success

Direct mail marketing is a costly strategy to implement, and that's why it's very important to get it right the first time around. And because people tend to have very good memories with regard to unsolicited mail, executing your campaign without flaw becomes all the more necessary.

Limit your proposal to a maximum of three pages.

Anything longer could discourage your recipients from even taking a glance at it. Keeping it brief is always good but never to the point that you've failed to deliver salient points of your proposal. Of course, costs are also another consideration. The fewer pages you use, the lower your expenses are on printing and postage.

Work on making your letter visually attractive.

Let's start with the first thing they'll see: the envelope. It doesn't have to be made of linen, but make sure at least that the envelope texture's nice to touch. White envelopes always look professional, but they're more vulnerable to dirt as well. If you can find an alternative color that would still appear professional and match your company's color scheme, so much the better.

Offer a free gift.

The smaller and lighter the free gift is, the better because you get to save on postage. Offering freebies is crucial: it's yet another incentive for people to learn what you have to say. If possible, make sure that the words FREE GIFTS are printed on the envelope. Naturally, it won't hurt your cause if your free gift just happens to be related or even complementary to the products you're marketing.

Make an offer they can't refuse.

Direct mail marketing won't be successful simply because you're giving away free gifts and you've written an excellent network marketing proposal. More often than not, recipients could simply enjoy your gift and throw away your letter. To avoid that, you need to give them yet another incentive ñ one that will require them to meet you in person.

Your second offer doesn't need to cost you a thing. You may tell your recipients, for instance, that they have the option of joining your business seminar for free. You can tell them that it's a chance for them to learn how to be a millionaire.

Place a deadline on your offer.

A deadline creates a sense of urgency. It helps convince people to make a move rather than allow them to continue floundering in their indecision. And if you're worried that deadlines could instead force you to turn your back on your customers, don't be. Remember: you can extend those deadlines anytime and simply tell them that it's due to popular demand.

Make sure it's free from technical errors.

Technical errors have nothing to do with what you're selling and everything to do with the rest. Consider grammar, punctuation, font effects, and spacing. If you don't want to entrust your mail to the post office, you should look for a freight company that offers affordable but efficient service.

Have it reviewed.

Don't send it out just yet. You still have two more steps to take care of. Firstly, find an objective and knowledgeable third party to review your offer. Make sure you let him see even the type of envelope you're using. Make the necessary changes.

Verify addresses of recipients.

To avoid waste of time and effort, try verifying the addresses of your recipients. If everything's in order then good luck! You're all ready now to launch your direct mail marketing campaign!

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